Revenue via Recycling: Stellantis to expand circular economy business unit

Amsterdam, Netherlands — Stellantis has announced its mission to generate more than $2.6 billion in savings via a mission to extend the life of its vehicles and parts, the OEM announced Tuesday. The OEM forecasts that it can save €2 billion (CND$2.6 billion) in recycling and reusing parts through its circular economy unit. Stellantis said […]

Net Worth: Ford to produce parts made entirely from recycled ocean plastics

Toronto, Ontario — Ford is dipping a toe into the world of recycled ocean plastics, announcing that the Ford Bronco will feature parts made entirely from repurposed waste pulled from our waters. The part in question is the wiring harness clip—you know, the clip that holds the wiring harness. It may appear intensely minor, but […]

If it Ain’t Broke: LKQ says salvage parts out-performing aftermarket in Q3 earnings report

Toronto, Ontario — LKQ released its third quarter earnings report last Thursday and  found that recycled parts are out-performing the aftermarket in revenue. President and CEO Dominick Zarcone believes he knows why. “Salvage parts come from the local markets, right? We buy total loss vehicles locally, we dismantle them locally and then we can distribute […]

Making it Exclusive: Co-operators Group to use Audatex APU as exclusive parts vendor

Toronto, Ontario — The Co-operators Group popped the question and got the response they were looking for, as the insurance corporation has named the Solera Audatex APU solution as its exclusive alternative parts sourcing vendor. “The Co-operators have selected Solera Audatex at an exciting time. We recently released a major upgrade that reduces search time […]

Recycler’s Rebuke: ARA critical of Subaru ban on recycled parts, ‘stifles competition’

Toronto, Ontario — The Automotive Recyclers Association has some strong words for Subaru after the Japanese automaker dropped a ban on repairing their vehicles with recycled parts, earlier in August. Representing 4,500 auto recycling facilities worldwide, ARA contends that alternative parts are “safe and economical”, and that Subaru’s recent decisions on the matter put further […]

No Substitutions: Subaru updates position statement on aftermarket parts

Toronto, Ontario — Subaru has released an update to its position statement on the use of alternative, recycled and salvaged parts in repairs on the company’s vehicles. “Subaru of America simply wants to be as clear as possible regarding its position on the proper repair of Subaru vehicles,” said Devin Wilcox, Subaru’s collision certification manager. […]

Between the Molds: Ford recycles HP 3D printer powder waste in auto parts

Detroit, Michigan – In line with their recent push to reduce their carbon footprint, Ford is teaming up with HP to reuse spent 3D-printed powders and parts to make injection molded vehicle parts. These newly developed recycled materials are being used to manufacture injection-moulded fuel-line clips on F-250 trucks. This material has better chemical and […]

Brighter Days: Output of U.S. recycling sector up 6.4 percent

Washington, D.C. ⁠— The resilience of the global recycling industry was showcased last week at the Institue of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) annual conference and exposition stage as organization President Robin Wiener said U.S. recycling industry output is up 6.4 percent from pre-pandemic levels. “As the industry gathers virtually for our ISRI 2021 annual convention this […]