Cam Check: NHTSA recalls Mercedes-Benz and Toyota vehicles for camera issues

Washington, D.C., United States – Recalls are never a fun thing, but good to know for discerning collision repairers. The NHTSA has marked certain Mercedes-Benz and Toyota vehicles for recalls due to faulty cameras. A software error has resulted in several Mercedes-Benz vehicles being recalled. Namely, the 2022 AMG EQS53, EQS580, EQS450, 2021 S500, S580, […]

Outlandish: Mitsubishi recalls 2022 Outlander for potential back-up camera defects

Toronto, Ontario – In life, some say that you should always be moving forward. However, when you do need to look in the rear-view, be sure to be weary of the 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander. Mitsubishi has voluntarily recalled nearly 60,000 of its 2022 Outlander vehicles due to a defect in the software that transmits rear-view […]

Mirror, Mirror: GM patent unveils adaptive rearview mirror technology

Detroit, Michigan –Shape-changing mirrors, a horror movie classic, coming to a car near you! A recent patent by General Motors (GM) describes a mirror that reshapes in accordance with the driver’s behaviour, with the ultimate goal of improving driver awareness. The patent describes a motorized housing around the mirror, turning it from a flat mirror […]

Junk Trunk: Tesla 2017-2020 Model 3’s recalled for trunk harness issue

Toronto, Ontario — A gentler touch may be in order as a recent recall issued by Transport Canada and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) alleges that wear on Tesla Model 3’s trunk harness can lead the rearview camera to fail. The NHTSA estimates 356,309 vehicles (35,342 in Canada, according to Transport Canada) to […]