All Hands on Deck: Toyota unveils radar-based passenger detection system

Plano, Texas — Someone get Macaulay Culkin on the phone now! Toyota has unveiled new technology that aims to ensure no one ever gets left home alone (or in the car) ever again. Toyota’s new Cabin Awareness technology uses a high-resolution 4D imaging radar housed above the vehicle’s headliner to allow a vehicle to sense […]

Glue Guide: Volvo updates position statements on windshield adhesives, bumper cover repair

Toronto, Ontario — Volvo has expressed some sticking points in a pair of position statements regarding windshield adhesives and bumper cover repair. The Swedish automaker reiterated in one of the statements that only Volvo Genuine parts, and subsequently only Volvo PUR adhesive kits, should be used in the repair of Volvo windshields. “These [kits] are […]

Date with Disaster: Tesla reports fewer miles until collision using Autopilot tech

Toronto, Ontario — Tesla just released its second quarter vehicle safety report and things aren’t looking promising for Autopilot, as the longtime EV frontrunner reports that accident frequency when using the technology is up since last year. While the journey to an AI-induced collision is technically slightly more distant now than in the first quarter […]

Eye on Oculii: GM partners with U.S.-based radar developer for ADAS technology

Toronto, Ontario — General Motors has announced it has bought into U.S.-based startup Oculii for use of the company’s AI-driven radar technology on GM vehicles. Oculii claims that its Virtual Aperture Imaging Software Program enables radars to provide the same sort of high-resolution, long-range capability that until now has been available only with more expensive […]