Finding Your Dream Cart: Sask. considering expanding use of golf carts on local roads

Regina, Saskatchewan — “Sorry I was late. There was a golf cart blocking up the left lane,” is a phrase some Saskatchewan residents may have to get used to saying now that the province’s Urban Municipalities Association recently passed a resolution considering them for public roadways. The resolution passed last week at the Saskatchewan Urban […]

Safer Soundscape: Ford testing 3D audio warning systems

Toronto, Ontario — Are you a fan of a good surround sound system? So is Ford–so much so that the automaker is turning it into a safety system. Dubbed Directional Audio Alerts, Ford’s in-trial safety system warns drivers of nearby passersby and cyclists with different noises–footsteps for pedestrians, bells for cyclists, horn blaring from Toronto […]

Becoming Enlightened: ADB headlights permitted for installation in the U.S.

Washington, D.C. — The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) ruled on Tuesday to allow OEMs to install adaptive driving beam (ADB) headlights on new vehicles in the U.S. In its ruling, the NHTSA found that ADBs do in fact help prevent pedestrian and bicyclist-related crashes by improving a driver’s low-light visibility. A clear conclusion […]