Joining the Cast: Tesla to integrate single front-end cast piece to Model Y

Toronto, Ontario — Tesla is simplifying the body structure of its Model Y SUV, making it the first vehicle of its kind to feature two large single casting pieces at the front and rear of the vehicle. The automaker plans to make a partner for the single-piece rear casting, integrated in January, with a complementary […]

Same Body, New Heart: Constellium SE to provide aluminum parts for F-150 Lightning EV

Toronto, Ontario — Ford has announced that France-based aluminum supplier Constellium SE will be providing structural components for the all-electric Ford F-150 Lightning that will go on sale in the spring of 2022. The Lightning will follow the lead of previous F-150 models in its extensive use of high-strength aluminum parts. Constellium has been supplying […]

Automotive Acoustics: MSC exec says ‘Quiet Aluminum’ product gaining momentum in EVs

Toronto, Ontario — You may not be able to hear them coming, but make sure you aren’t sleeping on the moves being made by the Materials Sciences Corporation (MSC) in the development of their innovative “Quiet Aluminum” product, which has reportedly been gaining momentum in the electric vehicles sector. The company’s CTO, Matt Murphy, delved […]