Eye on Oculii: GM partners with U.S.-based radar developer for ADAS technology

Toronto, Ontario — General Motors has announced it has bought into U.S.-based startup Oculii for use of the company’s AI-driven radar technology on GM vehicles. Oculii claims that its Virtual Aperture Imaging Software Program enables radars to provide the same sort of high-resolution, long-range capability that until now has been available only with more expensive […]

Fresh Coat of Paint: Collision Clinic announces jingle contest winner

St. John’s, Newfoundland — What’s that song you’ve got stuck in your head? Oh, might it be CSN Collision Clinic’s newly revitalized jingle, featuring Newfoundland’s own Evelyn Jess. CSN Collision Clinic ran a contest this summer to find the best rendition of the brand’s famous jingle, in exchange for an artist development grant from the […]

Perfect Match: AirPro Diagnostics and Auto Techcelerators announce licensing agreement

Jacksonville, Florida — In a meeting of great minds in the ADAS sector, AirPro Diagnostics and Auto Techcelerators, LLC announced on Tuesday that they have completed an exclusive technology licensing agreement with AirPro Diagnostic.  The two companies have officially entered into a partnership with the plan to integrate Auto Techcelerators’ ADAS, Calibration and Test Drive […]