Like a Glove: Dump truck wedged vertically under Ottawa overpass on Wednesday

Ottawa, Ontario — A dump truck driver did a pretty big oopsy on Highway 417 near Ottawa on Wednesday, somehow getting themselves wedged vertically under an overpass and baffling bypassers in the process. Ottawa’s OPP detachment was called to the scene near the Vanier Parkway on Wednesday morning to discover a dump truck in a […]

Just Learned Photoshop: Alberta driver pulled over with printed-out license plate

Edmonton, Alberta — Fashion, technology, fathers—these are all things that come and go in life. But what never leaves? Human will and ingenuity. An Edmonton, Alta. driver was pulled over by police early in March, initially for having a tinted license plate cover that they were using to obscure the truly dastardly deception. What was […]

War is Shell: Turtle flies through windshield, hitting Florida woman

Lake Mary, Florida — Reports from central Florida are showing that a minor turtle insurrection is in full swing, with the first shots of the conflict being fired by the turtles near Port Orange. An innocent human woman and her human mother were driving along I-95 Wednesday morning when all of a sudden they came […]