A place to plant your roots

Cassie Rossen has helped build a business that sticks it out for the long-haul Story by MAX REID It can be hard to tell that you’ve hit your stride if you never look back on when you were crawling. The collision repair industry has changed a lot in the 21st century and, arguably, it’s better […]


Supporting family and business are synonymous for Shellie Andrews Story by MAX REID There are some in our industry operating on the false principle that being good is good enough; that consistently clearing the bar when it is on its lowest rung is just fine. Then there are other shops, like CSN Dana’s Collision Centre […]


Bassem Hijazi serves a fresh look on collision repair at Simplicity Car Care Montréal North Story by MAX REID There are few things that affect the course of our lives quite like the impressions left on us by family. Little else impacts the places we live, the opportunities we do and don’t take quite like […]