Two Tonne Shimmy: Ford patents off-road ‘crawling’ technology

Toronto, Ontario — Ford appears to be taking cues from the GMC Hummer EV with reports circulating that the automaker has been granted patent approval for a piece of tech called “Crawl Operations for Four-Wheel Steering Vehicle.” Not wanting to be the only OEM in Detroit without crawling cars, a report from The Drive found […]

Jeep Unbound: Jeep to include 6,000 off-road trail maps in monthly subscription service

Toronto, Ontario — Jeep has launched a new service for the off-road enthusiasts out there that allows Jeep drivers to stay connected while off-the-grid. The “Path Connected” program, or “Freedom Connected” (Jeep uses the names interchangeably), will operate as a monthly subscription service that connects Jeep drivers to satellite tech that tracks vehicle location even […]

It’s a Jeep Thing: Jeep could offer Gorilla Glass windshield

Toledo, Ohio — The popular off-road, mud-slinging could potentially be getting even more durable. Citing connections with the brand’s dealer body, Mopar Insiders reported that the Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator may soon have the option of a Gorilla Glass windshield. Gorilla Glass became popular when smartphones began to utilize it’s crack and shatterproof technology on […]

SEMA: Is the industry becoming confused over muddled terminologies?

Trucks insight

By Barett Poley Las Vegas, Nevada – November 1, 2017 — Gavin Knapp of SEMA Market Research spoke to journalists and industry insiders on Tuesday (October 31), regarding the current trends in the off-road and truck sector. According to Knapp, the industry is becoming muddled by confusion around correct terminologies. “A lot of media uses […]