Take Note: FCA releases Steering System Position Statement on steering column repair

Toronto, Ontario — When safe, signal and pull over into the right shoulder—I-CAR has the latest on a new update from FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) concerning steering system inspections and proper replacement procedure after a collision. The FCA Steering System Position Statement states: “If the vehicle is involved in a collision where the airbag has […]

The Power of Positivity: Assured Performance Network’s Elizabeth Stein shares shop survival strategies

Toronto, Ontario ⁠— Elizabeth Stein, vice president of Assured Performance Network says OEM certifications and accountability will be the key to shop survival alongside continually-advancing vehicle tech. During Dave Luehr’s Positivity Summit on Jan. 15, Stein spoke to audiences about the importance of shops obtaining OEM certifications to survive as the industry continues to navigate […]