Cancelled Dates: ICBC license decals no longer required as of May 1

Victoria, British Columbia — Starting tomorrow, May 1, B.C. drivers no longer need to display license decals showing the month and day their insurance is coming up for renewal. The change comes as ICBC moved its insurance renewal process online. Law enforcement and authorized ICBC partners have access to the Canadian Police Information Centre and […]

Ontario Online: Ontario car registration process goes digital

London, Ontario – New car owners might be able to look forward to driving their new rides out of dealerships, thanks to changes in the car registration processes. Ontario’s new Digital Dealership Registration (DDR) process allows dealerships to issue license plates and registrations to customers, which the government says will “reduce the administrative burden they […]

Winds of Progress: North Carolina woman fights to keep ‘FART’ license plate

Asheville, North Carolina — When you’re young, you dream about what cause you might end up dedicating your life to—fighting fires, rescuing animals, traveling to outer space—or the fight to keep a vanity license plate that says “FART.” Karly Sindy of Asheville, N.C. is proudly carrying the torch for toilet humour after the DMV told […]

Quebec veterans to be honoured with new license plates

By CRM Staff  Toronto, Ontario — November 12, 2018 —Quebec veterans will now be honoured on Canadian roads with specially designed licensed plates after Francois Bonnardel, minister of transport, gave the mandate to Quebec’s automobile insurance board SAAQ. The new authorization made by Bonnardel, which will affect the roughly 60,000 veterans in Quebec, will consist […]