High Noon: Texas proposes bounty hunting vehicles parked in bike lanes

Austin, Texas — Officials in Texas are proposing a new law turning local cyclists into potential bounty hunters: thankfully, they’re more bicycle-dad than desperado. Dubbed the Bike Blockage Program, cyclists who report vehicles obstructing bike lanes are entitled to a quarter of the revenue collected from vehicles hit with citations. Under current city ordnance, cars […]

Burst Bubbles: Class action suit launched against GM for defective paint on Chevy, GMC models

Toronto, Ontario — Some American drivers are fed up with defective paint on their Chevrolet and GMC vehicles and have decided to launch a class action lawsuit against General Motors.. Currently before U.S. district court in Florida’s middle district, the suit represents drivers from Florida and Tennessee who allege that their vehicle’s paint “delaminates, bubbles, […]

Bolt Battle: Class action launched against GM for Bolt fires

Toronto, Ontario — Taking more than a year of tensions surrounding the Chevrolet Bolt to new heights, a class action lawsuit has been levelled against General Motors alleging that the EV is unsafe due to its known fire risks. David Kennedy v. General Motors Company et al., currently before California’s northern district court, refers to […]

Data Dilemma: Mitchell 1, Snap-on file lawsuit against Autel

Note: A previous version of this article mistakenly accredited the pending lawsuit to Toronto, Ontario — Trouble is brewing in the world of diagnostics as Mitchell 1 and Snap-on launch a lawsuit against Autel. The lawsuit, which has yet to be proven in court, alleges Autel stole information from Snap-on and Mitchell 1. “Autel competes […]