WHILE FEW ARE FOND OF THE STORMS CANADA HAS WITNESSED IN RECENT MONTHS, THE COLLISION REPAIR INDUSTRY MUST ADMIT IT’S BEEN GOOD FOR BUSINESS. Don’t let your stress get the best of you Winter may not be every collision repairer’s favourite season, but it sure is a profitable one. The words of one collision repairer […]


We owe it all to you BY ALLISON ROGERS  Crafting Collision Repair magazine’s 20th-anniversary edition was no easy feat. Capturing the mammoth industry changes witnessed since this publication’s debut in 2003, while simultaneously showcasing the greatness of the sector—amid a pandemic, no less—was a task only fit for Canada’s strongest: the members of the aftermarket. […]


Your job is safe in the crash-free future BY ALLISON ROGERS What does a collision-free future look like for the autobody repair industry? At the idea of such a reality, many would imagine the collapse of the sector; no collisions mean no cars to repair. But that’s where you’d be wrong. Honda recently made the […]

Buckle Up – New year, same challenges

BY ALLISON ROGERS Traditionally, the annual flip of the calendar marks a fresh start. This could not be more welcomed as we leap into 2021. At the outset of 2020, Collision Repair, using several business consolidation models, predicted that the industry was at the tail end of a consolidation storm. According to our interpretation, the […]