Kia to Success: Kia Canada has record-breaking sales month in Feb.

Toronto, Ontario — It seems Kia is Canada’s Valentine this year as the automaker celebrates a record February for sales, with the company recording a total 4,650 units sold during the month, according to a press release from Thursday. While the others are trying to stay on their feet, Kia has managed to stand taller […]

Top Prize: Kia unveils 2022 Carnival full-size ‘Life Utility Vehicle’

Toronto, Ontario – KIA Canada has unveiled its new full-size family vehicle, the 2022 KIA Carnival; equipped with all the exciting attractions like VIP Lounge Seats and Smart Cruise Control with none of nausea and whimsical con-artistry of its namesake. At a starting price of $34,495, the KIA Carnivals is set to arrive at dealerships […]