Survey: Following OEM procedures best way to avoid liability

The majority of survey respondents believe a similar judgment could be handed down here, but dissenters note that Canada’s litigation laws are somewhat different from those found in the US.

By Mike Davey Hamilton, Ontario — October 17, 2017 — The need to follow OEM procedures has been mentioned by numerous industry figures and OEM position statements, but the recent verdict against John Eagle Collision Centre in Texas has thrown the situation into stark relief. In brief, the facility did not follow OEM procedure when […]

Improving Standards: John Eagle to help promote OEM procedures after lawsuit

John Eagle Collision Center in Dallas, Texas. The shop, which has been ordered to pay $31.5 million in a settle due to repairs that didn't match OEM standards, has issued a joint statement with Tracy Law Firm saying it will help encourage other shops to follow the repair guidelines laid out by the OEMs.

By Tom Davis Dallas, Texas — October 5, 2017 — John Eagle Collision Center and attorney Todd Tracy of Tracy Law Firm have “agreed to work together today to improve safety standards in the nation’s collision repair industry,” according to a joint press release. The announcement follows a Dallas county civil jury’s verdict, as reported […]

Shop ordered to pay $31.5 million in damages for improper repair

Part of the documentation provided by plaintiff consultant Neil Hannemann shows where, in his opinion, the failure of the roof of the Seebachans’ 2010 Honda Fit during a crash compromised the overall structure and collision energy management of the vehicle.

By Tom Davis Dallas, Texas — October 3, 2017 — John Eagle Collision Center, a Texas-based repairer, has been ordered to pay $31.5 million USD in damages after a jury ruled its “improper repair” was liable for the severity of the crash of a 2010 Honda Fit. A Texas jury on Monday awarded the driver […]

Friday Fun: BC brokers in hot water for improperly accessing AutoPlan

John Eagle Collision Center has been accused of using glue to repair the roof of the Honda Fit shown here, as opposed to welds, as called for by Honda’s repair procedures. Both of the vehicle occupants sustained injuries in the crash.

By Jeff Sanford Toronto, Ontario — July 27, 2017 — In this week’s edition of Friday Fun we look into how brokers in BC are under investigation as a result of allegations that they improperly accessed the province’s Autoplan system, a court action in the US that alleges a shop didn’t follow OEM procedures, how […]