Digital Prints: first NFT-equipped car announced, Alfa Romeo

Milan, Italy — Alfa Romeo’s latest vehicle, the 2023 Tonale is the first car in the world equipped with NFT certificates. For the uninitiated, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are used as unique identifiers for digital files. Imagine a computer file, with a unique serial number and ownership records. In this case, Tolane’s NFT tracks the car’s […]

Pyre Safety: EVs 100 times less flammable than gas vehicles, says AutoInsuranceEZ

Toronto, Ontario — According to a recent study by AutoInsuranceEZ, electric vehicles (EVs) are almost 100 times less vulnerable to vehicle fires than traditional gas-fueled vehicles. Vehicles of all power sources see annual recalls for fire risks, but electric vehicles remain the safest and least likely to face fire risk model recalls. Compared to hybrid […]

Toyota brings fuel-cell vehicles to North America

Toyota plans to start selling the fuel-cell equipped Mirai in California starting in October 2015.

By Jeff Sanford Toronto, Ontario — August 10, 2015 — The word Mirai means “future” in Japanese. The word is a perfect name for the new hydrogen-powered vehicle set to go on sale this fall. Toyota has announced that it will begin selling the world’s first mass-market fuel-cell powered car in North America in October. […]