Baby Autobahn: Ontario raises speed limits to 110km/h on six highways

Toronto, Ontario — Ontario is kicking its highways up a notch—very slightly—announcing a permanent 10km/h speed limit increase to a number of 400-series highways on Tuesday. The changes come following a 2019 pilot project that boosted speed limits in certain sections of Ontario’s highway system and will be made permanent as of April 22. The […]

BC to revert speed limits on two highways after spike in collisions

A view of part of Highway 1 in BC, running between Hope and Cache Creek. This is one of two sections of highway that will have their speed limits returned to previous levels after a spike in collisions.

Victoria, British Columbia — June 29, 2016 — British Columbia’s Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is decreasing speed limits along two sections of the province’s highway system after a spike in collisions along those roads. The province had boosted the speed limits on a number of highways in July 2014. The speed limits on Highway […]