Can You Believe This?! Christmas Edition

Toronto, Ontario — The big day is nearly here! Why not celebrate the last day before holidays with Collision Repair’s Can You Believe This: Special Christmas Edition!

Can You Believe This?! August 12, 2022

Toronto, Ontario — We’re ready to bring your morning coffee entertainment, courtesy of this weekly Can You Believe This?! clip. See all the wackiness—including swimming RVs, larger-than-life lifts, boats off their beaten path and much more—all in today’s clip.

GAS LOL, I’LL SUE and More: ICBC’s list of personalized plate rejects

Victoria, British Columbia — The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) disappointed plenty of drivers in the last two years as the crown insurer rejected dozens of creative personalized plates submitted by B.C. drivers. A list obtained by CTV News details the rejects–some of which are shot down simply because they’ve been claimed; others deemed […]

Can You Believe This?! May 20, 2022

Toronto, Ontario — Have you ever seen a tap-dancing minivan? What would you do if you witnessed a bumper made of driftwood? See dancing cars, wooden parts and car mods that truly stink, all in this weekly Can You Believe This?! feature!

Touched by a Noodle: B.C. religious leader fights to wear pirate hat in license photos

Grand Forks, British Columbia — A British Columbia-based religious leader is continuing on his crusade against ICBC’s oppressive policies toward certain religious headwear, arguing that it is not up to a government corporation to test his faith. Gary Smith of Grand Forks is the Captain of B.C.’s Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and, as […]

The Gift of Guess: The tale of Canada’s greatest estimator

Travers, Alberta — Donny Carperson is just about the best estimator a shop could ask for—he’s honest, thorough, and can predict just about anything—and it became a problem for his former co-workers. “Yeah, Donny was great when he first joined the team,” said general manager of Crash’n’Dash Collision, Bodhi Shopman. “He always came in right […]

Blizzard Buddies: Calgary names 78 snow plows as part of community contest

Calgary, Alberta — They say good things come in groups of 78. Actually, no one says that but they might start when they hear about Calgary’s snow plow fleet and the names bestowed upon them to the public as part of a community contest. The city of Calgary launched a contest last fall asking the […]