Willkommen to the Big Leagues: Automechanika Frankfurt returns with 78,000 attendees

Frankfurt, Germany — The biannual Automechanika Frankfurt auto show wrapped up its five-day stay in Germany’s financial capital on Friday, closing out nearly a full week of presentations and demonstrations on the latest tips and techniques the international auto industry has to offer. Drawing in some of the biggest brands the industry has to offer, […]

Under Pressure: Tesla owner reports damaged frame was ‘painted over’

Berlin, Germany – “Step on a crack, break your mother’s back”, the old kids’ phrase and superstition goes. Fortunately, for children worldwide, if a crack appears on a Tesla vehicle, they’re likely to simply paint over it. A Tesla Model 3 owner reports that their car’s undercarriage was found to have damage that the Tesla […]

Surprise Visit: European authorities raid Hyundai and Kia, diesel defeat devices suspected

Frankfurt, Germany — On June 29, European authorities raided multiple Hyundai and Kia buildings in Frankfurt and Luxembourg. This operation was coordinated by Eurojust under suspicion that the South Korean companies were equipping vehicles with illegal diesel defeat devices. This device analyzes different inputs such as steering and throttle to identify whether a vehicle is […]

Geofence Gameplan: Ford engineers in Calif. and Germany testing geofencing tech

Toronto, Ontario — A joint project between Ford engineers in California and Germany is currently in the midst of trials for a geofencing technology that the OEM boasts “could one day do away with the need for speed limit signs completely.” What Ford is calling the Geofencing Speed Limit Control system is purported to make […]

Automated Integrity: Audi to use AI to verify weld quality in high-volume production

Toronto, Ontario — Audi is taking new steps to further streamline its production process, announcing that artificial intelligence will be used to guarantee weld quality for high-volume production at its Neckarsulm, Germany facility. According to Audi, about 5,300 spot welds are used to join the parts that comprise the body of an Audi A6. In […]

From Dents to Darts: New Brunswick bodyman competes at World Cup of Darts

Hampton, New Brunswick ⁠— Ever thought about trading in your dent repair kit for a dartboard? Well, Jeff “The Silencer” Smith, a bodyman and pro dart player hailing from Hampton, New Brunswick, could give you a few pointers. Smith was in Germany last week representing Canada at the Cazoo World Cup of Darts⁠—and it’s not […]

Combustion Bust: Volkswagen will be CO2 neutral in Europe by 2050

Wolfsburg, Germany – German car makers, Volkswagen, will cease the production of combustion engines in Europe by 2035. “In Europe, we will exit the business with internal-combustion vehicles between 2033 and 2035, in the United States and China somewhat later,” Klaus Zellmer, Volkswagen board member for sales, told the Muenchner Merkur newspaper. “In South America […]