Mirror, Mirror: GM patent unveils adaptive rearview mirror technology

Detroit, Michigan –Shape-changing mirrors, a horror movie classic, coming to a car near you! A recent patent by General Motors (GM) describes a mirror that reshapes in accordance with the driver’s behaviour, with the ultimate goal of improving driver awareness. The patent describes a motorized housing around the mirror, turning it from a flat mirror […]

Canadian Connection: GMC Hummer EV undergoes cold-weather testing in northern Ontario

Kapuskasing, Ontario — The GMC Hummer EV will come with a tiny piece of Canada, as the vehicle’s cold-weather performance is being tested in northern Ontario. General Motors released a video of the upcoming electric Hummer in late March, wherein a white version of the pickup traversing snow-covered grounds in negative 32-degree weather. Approximately 800 […]

COVID Courtesy: Magna, GM and Honda give employees paid time off for vaccine

Toronto, Ontario — Magna International, General Motors Canada and Honda Canada are providing paid- time off for employees in Ontario to get the COVID-19 vaccine. While the vaccination policies differ slightly across the companies, none of them are requiring their employees to get vaccinated, however, they are merely encouraging it through education and paid time off. […]

Help Wanted: GM Oshawa Assembly Plant is hiring

Oshawa, Ontario — General Motors (GM) is looking to fill a number of jobs ahead of the reopening of the Oshawa Assembly Plant.  GM is looking to fills jobs in engineering, management, skilled trades, and production.  Because the decision to move the plant in 2019 was highly contested by employees who would lose their job […]

New Year, New You: GM unveils new logo

Detroit, Michigan – General Motors (GM) is sharing its vision of a world with zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion through its “Everybody In” campaign. This campaign also hopes to see an accelerated move towards making electric vehicles (EVs) inclusive and accessible to all.  The campaign will see three major themes that will support […]