What Would You Do: Ford speared by metal pole at Acadian festival

Évangéline, Prince Edward Island – A festival volunteer ended his shift with a questionable call to his insurance provider, thanks to a metal pole sticking out of his vehicle’s trunk. In an article first published by the CBC, Steve Powers was part of a volunteer group in the Évangéline Area Agricultural Exhibition and Acadian Festival, […]

Modern Treehouse: Driver and car rescued from the trees after bizarre crash

Ottawa, Ontario — Tow truck operators–where’s the weirdest place you’ve had to fish a driver out of? Fire crews in Ottawa may have your story beat after a driver managed to send their car catapulting into the forest in the wee hours of Friday morning. The driver was reportedly rescued after their car hurdled 30 […]

Can You Believe This?! August 12, 2022

Toronto, Ontario — We’re ready to bring your morning coffee entertainment, courtesy of this weekly Can You Believe This?! clip. See all the wackiness—including swimming RVs, larger-than-life lifts, boats off their beaten path and much more—all in today’s clip.

Can You Believe This?! August 5, 2022

Toronto, Ontario — Happy Friday—let’s kick it off with some laughs! From coddled ways to feed your baby fresh gas to six-wheelers stuck in the sand, sleepy SUVs and much, much more, something is sure to make you giggle in this weekly wacky clip.

Can You Believe This?! July 22, 2022

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Doe-nt do This: BC driver taken into custody for drug, deer possession

Fort St. John, British Columbia — The occupants of a Fort St. John vehicle have been arrested by the RCMP for a several charges including possession of live wildlife, a one-month-old deer fawn, according to the RCMP—and naturally, some drugs. Reportedly, the fawn enjoyed some time with RCMP members before being handed over to Conservation. It […]

Can You Believe This?! May 27, 2022

Toronto, Ontario — Happy Friday, folks! What better time to learn some obscure skills? See how you can make your windows a little more shocking; how your teeth could be your ultimate bodywork tool; spot some scary near-misses and much, much more, in Collision Repair‘s Can You Believe This.

Can You Believe This?! May 20, 2022

Toronto, Ontario — Have you ever seen a tap-dancing minivan? What would you do if you witnessed a bumper made of driftwood? See dancing cars, wooden parts and car mods that truly stink, all in this weekly Can You Believe This?! feature!

Can You Believe This?! May 6, 2022

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