Geofence Gameplan: Ford engineers in Calif. and Germany testing geofencing tech

Toronto, Ontario — A joint project between Ford engineers in California and Germany is currently in the midst of trials for a geofencing technology that the OEM boasts “could one day do away with the need for speed limit signs completely.” What Ford is calling the Geofencing Speed Limit Control system is purported to make […]

Tuesday Ticker: May 24, 2022

Toronto, Ontario ⁠— Ford throws seven million more Rivian shares up for sale while Uber tries to offset its losses in Collision Repair’s weekly Tuesday Ticker.  Red-tag item, Rivian Last week, it was reported Ford Motor Co. had offloaded eight million shares in electric vehicle startup Rivian. On Monday, May 16, the automaker sold a […]

Tuesday Ticker: May 17, 2022

Toronto, Ontario ⁠— This week, Ford ditches more than 15 million of its shares in Rivian, while a company known for car ‘vending machines’ finds itself in hard times. Rough week for Rivian Ford has offloaded more than US$400 million in Rivian shares this past week. The automaker sold eight million shares of Rivian on […]

Loosening the Leash: Ford sells eight million Rivian shares, totalling $214 million

Toronto, Ontario — Ford is shedding some of its shares in electric vehicle upstart Rivian, according to a filing to the U.S. Securities and Exchanges Commission. The legacy automaker sold eight million Rivian shares on Tuesday, an amount totalling $214 million at $26.80 per share; a relatively small offload considering Ford still holds 94 million […]

Watching your Glass: Ford launches U.S. certified glass network

Detroit, Michigan — Ford officially broke ground on Monday with a new certified repair network intended to directly service the automotive glass repair industry in the U.S. The industry-leading OEM said the Ford Certified Glass Network (FCGN) will offer participating glass repair shops process coaching aimed at ensuring the safe and proper installation of original […]

Prior Engagements: Ford and Honda won’t be at SEMA 2022, organizers say

Las Vegas, Nevada — In a surprise to much of the automotive community, international automakers Ford and Honda have announced that they will not be showing up to this year’s SEMA trade show, set for November in Las Vegas, Nev. Normally high-profile fixtures at the annual auto show, Ford and Honda were named in a recent […]