Updates Required: Canada ranks 19th in Zutobi survey of the worst roads globally

Ottawa, Ontario – Love pothole ridden roads and embarrassing grades? Neither do we, but no advertising is bad advertising, or so the saying goes. In a survey by driving education company Zutobi, they studied 59 countries based on the ratio of roads to land mass, road accident fatalities per capita, and changes in road quality […]

Danger Zone: OPP say Ontario’s collision fatality rate highest in 10 years

Toronto, Ontario — The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) said Tuesday that 107 people have died on OPP-monitored roads so far this year, marking a collision fatality rate it says Ontario has not seen for ten years. The OPP said it has not seen the number of people killed in road collisions reach the 100 mark […]

Accident Insights: OPP say collisions down for 2020, but fatalities up

Ottawa, Ontario ⁠— The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) have released collision and fatality data for 2020, showing a decline in total collisions for the province but an increase in fatalities. Last year saw 26 percent fewer collisions than 2019, though the fatality rate was 22 percent higher.  A large number of deaths were deemed preventable […]