Belt Buster: Exploding seat-belt pretensioners launches 281,000 vehicle recall for Hyundai

Toronto, Ontario — Hyundai is recalling 281,000 vehicles in North America over seat-belt pretensioners that are prone to exploding and projecting metal shrapnel, following three separate injury reports. The recall covers some 2019-2022 Accent, 2021-2023 Elantra, and 2021-2022 Elantra hybrid vehicles. About 42,000 Canadian vehicles are estimated to be affected by the recall. Seat-belt pretensioners […]

Explosive Expression: Artist turns exploded Lamborghini into NFTs

Toronto, Ontario — If you’re a fan of supercars and still not positive on what an NFT actually is, prepare for a one-two of confusion as it turns out that the act of blowing up a Lamborghini could actually be made more expensive. As part of their latest project, entitled “$CAR”, “NFT performance artist” Shl0ms […]