An Economical Choice: Solera renews multi-year visual intelligence, machine learning platform partnership with Economical Insurance

Toronto, Ontario — Solera has announced the renewal of its multi-year agreement with Economical, Sonnet and Family Insurance Solutions to use its visual intelligence (VI)/machine learning (ML) platform as a workflow management tool. “We are honoured to collaborate with Economical on its innovation journey. Solera’s data and technology have enabled us to deliver AI-powered solutions […]

Intelligent Integration: Volvo offering AI inspection tech to U.S. east coast dealers

Washington, D.C. — Volvo dealerships on the U.S.’s east coast are due for a major equipment upgrade as the Swedish automaker announced that artificial intelligence vehicle inspection tech will be provided to Volvo dealers in the region. The company says the goal behind this decision is to equip U.S. retailers with Israel-based UVeye’s AI vehicle […]

Almost All OEMs: Solera adds Toyota, Lexus to AudaVIN service

Westlake, Texas — Solera just announced that it will be expanding its Toyota and Lexus makes and models to AudaVin, a vehicle identification number (VIN) service. Having Toyota and Lexus with AudaVin means that the VIN service now covers 80 percent of vehicles on the road today in the United States.  Solera’s AI-based repair, estimating […]

Don’t Be a Guesstimator: Forty says do your research and remove the guesswork

By Forty, the Progressive Estimator It isn’t very often that the wheel is reinvented, but what happens to the old wheels when they have been improved upon? With each improvement of accuracy and performance, how long until the older model becomes a past solution to a non-modern problem? With today’s manufacturing processes and the further […]

How Using DEG (a FREE Resource!) Can Impact Your Business

It’s time to dive into FREE resources available to help build and develop a strong repair plan in this month’s Elite Webinar with host, Dave Luehr, and guest presenter, DEG Administrator Danny Gredinberg! Repairers are often left on their own to seek information. DEG offers repairers / industry professionals a FREE resource to help understand […]

Estimating Plastic Repair with Polyvance

By Laura Orchard Toronto, Ontario — October 23, 2018 — Polyvance has another addition of its online plastic repair course, estimating plastic repair, which helps students indentify when a plastic bumper should be repaired or replaced.   This course is developed in partnership with accountable estimating, an online, self-paced course designed to educate collision damage estimators […]

Taking images that support your estimates

By CRM Staff Toronto, Ontario — August 30, 2018 –– Dave Luehr’s Elite Body Shop Solutions is going to show repairers in the industry how to take images that best support your estimates. In the upcoming free webinar set to happen Tuesday, September 25 at 1 p.m. central, Roger Cada is going to go through the proper […]

Survey: AI will supplement human estimators, not replace them

The majority of survey respondents think that AI technology will serve as a supplement to human estimators, but not replace them completely.

By Mike Davey Hamilton, Ontario — October 24, 2017 — Humans aren’t obsolete when it comes to preparing estimates, but the majority of readers who responded to our most recent survey believe that artificial intelligence (AI) tools will someday supplement their abilities and make the process faster and more accurate. Both Mitchell and CCC have […]

Mitchell launches AI-enabled estimate review; signs integration agreement with OEConnection

Mitchell AI

By Allison Preston San Diego, California — October 17, 2017 — Mitchell has announced the launch of Mitchell WorkCenter Assisted Review, which the company says is the first integrated workflow solution to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) for the estimate review process. By using visual computing to analyze photos, the solution uses machine-learning technology to help […]