It’s Getting Hot in Here: Understand the signs of heatstroke and exhaustion

Toronto, Ontario — The past two years, COVID-19 has been the centre of every shop’s attention. However, as we enter the summer months things like heat exhaustion and heat stroke are still things shops should be keeping an eye on. Regardless if a facility has air conditioning or not, employees are still at risk of […]

COVID Courtesy: Magna, GM and Honda give employees paid time off for vaccine

Toronto, Ontario — Magna International, General Motors Canada and Honda Canada are providing paid- time off for employees in Ontario to get the COVID-19 vaccine. While the vaccination policies differ slightly across the companies, none of them are requiring their employees to get vaccinated, however, they are merely encouraging it through education and paid time off. […]

Collision repairers have mixed views on Ontario’s new employment laws


By Erin McLaughlin and Tom Davis Toronto, Ontario — November 24, 2017 — The impact of employment laws can be huge for small firms, and collision repairers in Ontario have mixed views on the province’s new employment legislation that the government claims will create “fair workplaces and better jobs.” The recently-passed Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs […]