Data Defence: Autel updates EULA amid privacy, transparency concerns

Toronto, Ontario — Representatives from Autel say the company has shored up its defenses against unwanted data collection through a newly released EULA, announced at a Collision Industry Conference (CIC) meeting last week. Acting on concerns raised at an April CIC meeting about the potential for Autel customer data to be lifted from its tools […]

Coalition Collision: U.S. right to repair agreement spurs in-fighting among industry associations

Washington, D.C. — A recent “landmark” agreement among a coalition of automotive industry associations has ruffled the feathers of a fellow repairer advocacy group who are calling the motivation of the so-called pact into question. The Automotive Service Association (ASA), Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS), and Alliance for Automotive Innovation (Auto Innovators) reaffirmed the […]