Domestic Drift: New Zealand man turns driveway into drift track

Hamilton, New Zealand — A drift racing enthusiast has gone viral for living by a very simple ethos—if you can’t find a racetrack close to home, bring the racetrack home. Takeshi Teruya of Hamilton, New Zealand spent $10,500 converting his family’s driveway into a private drift course, as a way of battling boredom during the […]

Can You Believe This?! June 11, 2021

Toronto, Ontario — This week, see what happens when Alberta’s worst drivers encounter round-abouts, tree-pulling techniques for truck modifications, CatDog cartoon-inspired restorations and much, much more!

Can You Believe This?! June 4, 2021

Toronto, Ontario — Witness do-it-yourself debadging techniques (results may vary), man vs. car boxing brawls, Grand Theft Auto reenactments in Toronto’s downtown core and much, much more in this week’s Can You Believe This?! clips!