Dashboard Blinders: Next-gen Apple CarPlay announced, safety concerns remain

San Jose, California – During today’s showcase at the Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple showcased its next generation CarPlay system. While modern versions have a single touchscreen in the center channel for functions like GPS and radio, the CarPlay of the future extends this screen into the glovebox exterior and instrument panels for speed, gas and […]

Dire Data: OPP report collision fatalities on track for highest rate in ten years

Windsor, Ontario — Ontario is on course for a record-breaking year—not a record anyone wants to see broken, mind you, as the Ontario Provincial Police reported that the province is on the way to surpass road fatality rates unseen in a decade. The last time Ontario recorded at least 100 collision deaths by the second […]

Clocked-out Collisions: Work-related calls, texts leave drivers feeling obligated to answer, Travelers report says

Toronto, Ontario — Travelers Insurance Canada released its first-ever distracted driving risk survey on Monday, revealing that one-in-five drivers admits to having been in a collision because they were distracted—distractions often coming from work-related communications. This statistic comes despite the response from 77 percent of drivers that say they take “every step possible to avoid […]

App Awareness: Onboard vehicle tech becoming a safety issue, advocates say

Toronto, Ontario — Onboard vehicle technologies come hand-in-hand with new vehicle purchases nowadays, but that doesn’t necessarily mean vehicles are becoming safer, advocates say. In fact, CAA is soon planning to launch a public awareness campaign aimed at informing drivers of the risks of distracted driving, with a focus on infotainment systems. “This is a […]

Eyes on the Road: Magna’s near rear-view mirror monitors for distracted driving

Aurora, Ontario — Magna International’s latest market-ready solution is integrated into an interior mirror and meets global regulations related to the detection of distracted driving. According to the company, the mirror utilizes proven camera-based technology to monitor the driver’s head, eye and body movement to detect distracted behaviour, drowsiness and fatigue. If distracted behaviour is […]

Saskatchewan hits a record with distracted driving tickets

By CRM staff Toronto, Ontario — November 27, 2018 — It’s nothing new that distracted driving is a contributing factor to collisions. But the rate of distracted drivers has been on the rise especially in Saskatchewan, reaching a record number of 793 tickets that have been issued in the month of October. In 2017, distracted driving […]

Saskatchewan debating stricter distracted driving fines

By CRM staff Toronto, Ontario — November 14, 2018 — Strict new distracted driving fines in Manitoba have Saskatchewan thinking twice. Fines in Manitoba have gone up from $203 to $672, transitioning from having one of the lowest distracted driving fines in Canada to now having one of the harshest. This prompted the minister responsible for […]

Friday Fun: Worst roads in Ontario and digital license plates

California introduced new digital licensee plates. The plates are made by a company called Reviver Auto.

By Jeff Sanford   Toronto, Ontario — June 8, 2018 — In today’s Friday Fun: The worst roads in Ontario, China produces a knock-off Lambo, a distracted driving conviction for checking an Apple watch, and much, much more.   A troubling police report from Connecticut details a dark conspiracy to kill a local autobody shop […]