DeVilbiss’s DV1 spray gun

By CRM staff Toronto, Ontario — May 17, 2019 — It is critical for painters to have tools that deliver optimal performance and enable them to be more successful at their trade. To address the challenges of applying the latest coatings, DeVilbiss collaborated with professional painters to develop the DV1 spray gun.  Featuring innovations in atomization […]

DeVilbiss advising customers to look out for counterfeit guns

Two of the fake DeVilbiss guns currently being passed off as authentic.

By CRM Staff   Toronto, Ontario — February 22, 2018 — In a recent social media post from Carlisle Fluid Technologies, the abundance of counterfeit DeVilbiss paint guns was revealed. The company warned consumers to ensure they are purchasing their guns from a verified DeVilbiss retailer, otherwise risking receiving a lower quality knock-off.    “We […]

DeVilbiss to launch ‘special edition’ superhero spray gun at SEMA 2017

Vigilante spray gun

BY Tom Davis Scottsdale, Arizona — October 20, 2017 — DeVilbiss has announced it will launch a new special edition spray gun at this year’s SEMA show. In a statement, the company said the TEKNA Vigilante is themed after graphic novel heroes and is inspired by a lineage of “silent crusaders” with a defined purpose […]