Nighttime Nibbles: Rats wreak havoc on vehicle wiring in Victoria, B.C.

Victoria, British Columbia – Pizza, cheese and car wire covers–unfortunately for the average driver, all three make tasty snacks for rats. According to the automotive research company, Kelly Blue Book, the pandemic may have prompted a change in rat behaviour or a boom in rat populations. Either way, it resulted in auto body shops seeing […]

Damaged Hoods: Alberta Hail Storm results in damage to over 70 vehicles, cars

Calgary, Alberta – A severe Alberta storm made its way across Alberta on Monday and into Tuesday, leaving destruction in its wake. Baseball-sized hail was the main culprit of the damage, as it fell from the sky Monday onto unsuspecting drivers commuting on the Queen Elizabeth II highway in Alberta. The hail forced cars on […]

Scratched Suspensions: Pothole season hits Canada

Ottawa, Ontario – It’s pothole season, and Canadian drivers are sighing again. There may have been fewer potholes reported in Toronto this past winter season, but those reported were also filled at a slower rate, according to open data from the City of Toronto. “There are fewer potholes filled so far this year compared to […]

Safety Stoppage: 3G shutdowns in the US endanger certain vehicle owners

Ontario, Toronto – 3G network shutdowns are likely to impact vehicle features even if the components are functional, according to the non-profit organization, Consumer Reports. According to the report, the 3G network shutdown in the United States will permanently disable the functionality of 3G-dependent systems that cannot be upgraded with software or hardware updates. Notably, […]

Regina Recovering: SGI receives more than 3,700 vehicle claims after Regina hailstorm

Regina, Saskatchewan — While the real costs are of course still being tallied up, SGI places the amount of vehicle damage claims they received in the days following Tuesday night’s hailstorm at more than 3,700. Reports of golf ball-sized hail extend as far as Assiniboia, 130 kilometres southwest of the storm’s eye in Regina. “It’s […]

Tornado takes down Tesla

By Lindsey Cooke Toronto, Ontario — September 27, 2018 — A brand new Tesla was one of the many vehicles devastated from the reported six tornados that touched down in the Ottawa and Quebec area over the weekend. Shawn Jamieson, operations general manager of CARSTAR Collision in Ottawa, shared with Collision Repair that they had […]

Collisionology from Chief: Operating a successful facility

Collisionology from Chief: Tips and tricks for technicians

By Richard Perry OEM and Strategic Account Sales Manager for Chief Automotive Technologies In addition to serving as a resource for the latest collision repair products and technologies, Chief’s “Collisionology” blog includes helpful tips for running a successful shop. In three recent posts, we show facility operators how to boost employee morale, retain technicians and […]