Can You Believe This?! August 12, 2022

Toronto, Ontario — We’re ready to bring your morning coffee entertainment, courtesy of this weekly Can You Believe This?! clip. See all the wackiness—including swimming RVs, larger-than-life lifts, boats off their beaten path and much more—all in today’s clip.

Can You Believe This: July 8, 2022

Toronto, Ontario — It’s about that time again–time for the weekly Collision Repair Can You Believe This?! Featuring inspiration for the hobbyist gardener; insight into Ford’s fire marketing campaign for the upcoming F-150 lightning; mattresses with more mileage than the vehicles in your shop and much, much more!

Can You Believe This?! June 24, 2022

Toronto, Ontario — Just what the doctor ordered–a Friday morning chuckle! Check out this weekly clip for the ultimate Man vs. Car battle; catch triple-threat painting talents; discover the worst–or best?–bus mod’ known to man and much, much more–all in the Collision Repair Can You Believe This?!

Can You Believe This?! May 27, 2022

Toronto, Ontario — Happy Friday, folks! What better time to learn some obscure skills? See how you can make your windows a little more shocking; how your teeth could be your ultimate bodywork tool; spot some scary near-misses and much, much more, in Collision Repair‘s Can You Believe This.

Can You Believe This?! May 20, 2022

Toronto, Ontario — Have you ever seen a tap-dancing minivan? What would you do if you witnessed a bumper made of driftwood? See dancing cars, wooden parts and car mods that truly stink, all in this weekly Can You Believe This?! feature!

Can You Believe This?! March 18, 2022

Toronto, Ontario — In this weekly wacky clip, rushed commuters clear impressive obstacles; big rig operators think fast to save lives; the first-ever mushroom-car hybrid arrives on Super Mario’s doorstep and much, much more! Catch all the craziness in Collision Repair’s Can You Believe This?! clip!

Can You Believe This?! January 14, 2022

Toronto, Ontario — This week, gas pumps lash out in support of dairy farmers, cyclists wage war on unsuspecting drivers, an Edmonton snow plow sends a driver to the ER and much more, all in Collision Repair’s weekly Can You Believe This?!

Can You Believe This?! September 24, 2021

Toronto, Ontario — This Can You Believe This?! video installment brings you literal boxcar bodywork; road rage in the form of interpretive dance; a new way to peacefully drive with kids and much, much more!