Can You Believe This?! March 18, 2022

Toronto, Ontario — In this weekly wacky clip, rushed commuters clear impressive obstacles; big rig operators think fast to save lives; the first-ever mushroom-car hybrid arrives on Super Mario’s doorstep and much, much more! Catch all the craziness in Collision Repair’s Can You Believe This?! clip!

Can You Believe This?! October 29, 2021

Toronto, Ontario — In this special Halloween edition of Collision Repair‘s Can You Believe This, witness pumpkin carriages, skeleton welds, cars prepped to fight back and much, much more!

Can You Believe This?! July 23, 2021

Toronto, Ontario — Witness what a lack of OE towing guidelines can bring, lift’s that’ll make you lost for words and the perfect use for your empties; all in this week’s wacky Can You Believe This?! installment!

Can You Believe This?! April 9, 2021

Toronto, Ontario – This week’s wacky feature showcases Toronto car meets gone wildly wrong, hacks to avoid hefty hail repair price tags, loan sharks and much, much more!

Can You Believe This?! – January 15, 2021

Toronto, Ontario — In this week’s does of Can You Believe This?! content, catch birthday bashes for cars, the world’s iciest parking lot, the reason G-Wagons are so expensive and much, much more!