Data Dilemma: Mitchell 1, Snap-on file lawsuit against Autel

Note: A previous version of this article mistakenly accredited the pending lawsuit to Toronto, Ontario — Trouble is brewing in the world of diagnostics as Mitchell 1 and Snap-on launch a lawsuit against Autel. The lawsuit, which has yet to be proven in court, alleges Autel stole information from Snap-on and Mitchell 1. “Autel competes […]

Calling Timeout: B.C.’s Attorney General calling for a stay on ICBC tribunal ruling

Victoria, British Columbia — If the current state of auto insurance in British Columbia wasn’t confusing enough, the province’s attorney general is applying for a partial stay in a B.C. Supreme Court ruling about jurisdiction over motor vehicle injury disputes, pending its appeal of the same decision. On March 2, the B.C. Supreme Court ruled […]