Mirror, Mirror: GM patent unveils adaptive rearview mirror technology

Detroit, Michigan –Shape-changing mirrors, a horror movie classic, coming to a car near you! A recent patent by General Motors (GM) describes a mirror that reshapes in accordance with the driver’s behaviour, with the ultimate goal of improving driver awareness. The patent describes a motorized housing around the mirror, turning it from a flat mirror […]

Auto Alert: 58,000 KIA vehicles recalled for non-deploying airbags

Mississauga, Ontario — Up to 410,000 KIA vehicles have been recalled for airbags that may not deploy during crashes, with 58,000 of these vehicles found in Canada. According to an NHTSA recall report, a manufacturing error has led to the installation of airbag control units that may damage themselves over time. These damaged components may […]

Push-start cars associated with increase in carbon monoxide deaths

Many vehicle models have introduced push-start ignitions that allow drivers to unlock the car, and even start the engine, with their key fob simply in range of the vehicle.

By Tabatha Johnson Toronto, Ontario — May 16, 2018 — Over the past decade, a subtle but important feature has been added to many vehicles: a push-button start. Most consumers would agree that the replacement of key-turn ignitions was a welcome one – push-starts are much more stylish after all. However, recent discussions on the […]