Linking Up: GM and TELUS partner to integrate 5G into new vehicles by 2025

Toronto, Ontario — General Motors and TELUS are looking to lead the charge on connecting vehicles to the web with the two companies announcing that they have partnered to integrate TELUS 5G internet into next-generation GM vehicles. “Connectivity is already transforming the ownership experience for our drivers, and that trend will accelerate with our next-generation […]

Poor Connection: J.D. Power names smartphone connectivity as concern for new vehicle shoppers

Toronto, Ontario — A new study from J.D. Power shows that while drivers have been generally satisfied with their new-vehicle purchases lately, smartphone connectivity continues to fall short of consumer expectations. “Owners are caught in the middle when vehicle and phone technologies don’t properly connect,” said Dave Sargent, v-p of automotive quality at J.D. Power.  […]

First-ever testing event for connected vehicles is coming to Quebec

By CRM staff Toronto, Ontario — February 13, 2019 –- For the first time ever OmniAir Consortium, a leading industry association promoting connected vehicles and Propulsion in Quebec, is partnering up to host Quebec Plugfest, an event dedicated to connected vehicle testing. “OmniAir is excited to partner with Propulsion Québec to host our next Plugfest and […]

Ontario government moves on becoming a leader in AVs

By CRM staff Toronto, Ontario — January 23, 2019 –- Self-driving cars will be becoming more of a reality seen on Ontario roads in the near future. Ontario’s Transportation Minister Jeff Yurek announced on Tuesday that Ontario has gone forward with making changes to the 10-year automated vehicle pilot program, which was launched in 2016. […]

A disruptive CASE

By CRM staff Toronto, Ontario – January 16, 2019 – Connected, autonomous, shared and electric vehicles could cause the loss of more than 48,000 jobs in Canada’s automotive aftermarket by 2051, a new report from the Conference Board of Canada suggests. “The implications of connected, autonomous, shared, and electric vehicles on the automotive aftermarket have […]


By Steve Knox Toronto, Ontario — October 5, 2018 — In August, I found myself in a conversation that has stuck uncomfortably in my mind. During lunch with a colleague—a veteran in the Canadian collision world—we were discussing industry changes, and how repair businesses have needed to adapt to address them. The cars we work on are not like the […]

AIA’s Community of Practice on access to connected vehicle data

By CRM staff   Toronto, Ontario — September 21, 2018 — The Automotive Industry Association is calling on industry stakeholders, third parties and AIA members for their participation in the Community of Practice on access to connected vehicle data.   The Community of Practice will discuss information about access to vehicle data and what some […]

ADAS and connected cars: a threat to the industry

By Lindsey Cooke Toronto, Ontario — August 7, 2018 — While industry experts have long been in agreement about the fact that advanced drivers assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous technology will significantly reduce the sales of repair parts, there has been little agreement on just how big an impact these cutting-edge technologies will have  –  […]

Ford and Toyota both announce major initiatives for car connectivity

Jim Lentz, chief executive officer of Toyota Motor North America.

By CRM Staff Toronto, Ontario — April 20, 2018 — On Monday, Toyota announced its intent to develop fleets of connected vehicles. The Japanese OEM plans to start offering vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) connectivity new U.S. manufactured models beginning in 2021. “By allowing vehicles’ intelligent systems to collaborate more broadly and effectively through DSRC technology, we can […]