Wish List: Top 10 holiday gift ideas for your collision repair facility

By Venessa di Vito, Auto+ Performance Original article available here Christmas is that one holiday that is supposed to be full of everything magical, cheery, and bright. But, to some, it can also be one of the most stressful and difficult times of the year. Trust us, we understand. Between a fluctuation in store hours […]

Reflect and Rebuild: It’s time we bring trust back to the trade

By Chelsea Stebner The definition of trust is the reliance on the integrity, strength and ability of a person or a thing.  A confident expectation of something. It is a simple word with big meaning in our world right now.  Trust is eroding society right now, in relationships, in business, in politics. The lack of […]

Held to Account: Jay Perry on responsibility and continuous improvement

By Jay Perry One of the most challenging parts of leadership is the issue of accountability. We all know and want the benefits that can come from holding ourselves and our team to account for quality of services or products, our policies, actions and decisions but the balance required to do it properly can be […]

Forged In Fire: A welcome fresh start follows the flames

By Jay Perry At the mention of the Metal Ages, we can all conjure up images of blacksmiths working the metal of their craft using fire to strengthen the product of their labour. I think this is an appropriate metaphor for the year that is finally in the record books: 2020. It was a tough […]