Appreciating Autos: Hagerty lists top 10 collector cars for 2022

Traverse City, Michigan – Hagerty, a company specializing in classic vehicle insurance announced the top 10 collector cars which will increase in value over 2022, predicting this year will be a bull market. With supply shortages since 2021 driving up prices and no expected solution on the horizon, Hagerty writes “there are still good buys […]

Dishonourable Discharge: ICBC no longer insuring decommissioned military vehicles

Vancouver, British Columbia — What was once an unconventional hobby that brought a community together is now a collection of “expensive paperweights”, says West Vancouver’s Mark Fleming, an active Canadian Forces reservist whose collection of decommissioned military vehicles became uninsurable overnight. Fleming collects and rents disused military vehicles, like WWII-era U.S. Jeeps and Soviet tanks, […]