The Autonomous Report: Why Mazda CEO believes ‘driving pleasure should never die’

Masahiro Moro, President and CEO of Mazda North American Operations, said in a recent interview, “Mazda’s vision of autonomous driving is not bringing you from A to B while you are reading. That’s not Mazda’s way.”

Toronto, Ontario — April 22, 2017 — This week’s Autonomous Report looks at why Duncan Stewart of Deloitte thinks autonomous vehicles (AVs) may make us “lazy, bored and inattentive,” how Mazda brings a different perspective to self-driving cars, more highlights from the second annual Canadian conference on autonomous vehicles and much, much more! – The […]

Alberta’s proposed Bill 203 under fire from industry association

The Alberta Legislature has recently sent Bill 203 to committee for debate, but some repair organizations want to see significant changes made before it becomes law.

By Mike Davey Edmonton, Alberta — October 7, 2016 — Bill 203—a proposed Alberta private members bill to replace the current Fair Trade Act—was recently sent to committee for debate, but the Canadian Independent Automotive Association (CIAA) has a list of recommendations it says should be made if the bill is to become law. CIAA […]