High stakes: An expert’s guide to negotiating the best outcomes

Chris Voss of Black Swan Group.

By Jeff Sanford Toronto, Ontario — July 18, 2016 — Everyone has to negotiate in life. Whether it’s the client who wants to renegotiate a price after the job is done, or a supplier delivering product negotiation, it’s a part of everyday life. Getting it right is a vital skill for any business person, according to […]

Next Guild 21 call to focus on negotiation tactics

Chris Voss will be the guest for the next Guild 21 call. Voss will share his negotiations expertise, honed over 24 years with the FBI.

Hamilton, Ontario — July 11, 2016 — Negotiation tactics will be the focus of the next Guild 21 Conference Call, scheduled for Thursday, July 14 at 2 p.m. EST. The guest for the call will be Chris Voss, CEO of the Black Swan Group and author of “Never Split The Difference: Negotiating As If Your […]