EV/AV Report: Battery options, communal chargers and public outreach

Toronto, Ontario — Ford announces a massive investment into a Michigan-based battery plant, U.S. federal mandates require Tesla to open its charging network to other companies and an Alberta utility company is calling on EV-owning customers to join a charging grid pilot project. This is the latest in electric and autonomous vehicles. Covering battery bases […]

EV/AV Report: March 7, 2022

Toronto, Ontario — In today’s EV/AV report, Honda and Sony partner to create more electrically integrated vehicles, charging pads installed across Gothenberg and KIA announces a line-up of 14 battery electric vehicles by 2030. Tech-driven With oil prices rising across Canada, the demand for electric vehicles is all but growing, contributing to the birth of […]

Arctic Charge: Yukon highways nearly fully linked to charging network

Whitehorse, Yukon — In a move that has the potential to bust some myths about EV efficacy in Canada’s north, the Yukon government announced on Thursday that nearly all of the territory’s highways have been linked up to the electric vehicle charging network. The territory has been rapidly expanding its EV charging network over the […]

EV/AV Report: February 14, 2022

Toronto, Ontario – In this week’s electric and autonomous vehicle report, cheaper electric plans for Ontario, restrictions on Tesla boom boxes and an American intel agency funding autonomous vehicle development. Night Lights On Feb. 9, the Ontario government announced its intent to implement an ultra-low overnight electricity rate, taking advantage of the excess electricity generated. […]

EV/AV Report: May 3, 2021

Toronto, Ontario – In this week’s electric and autonomous vehicle report, EV incentives in PEI go live to high praise, General Motors launches new EV charging platform and 12 U.S. governors call for a ban on internal combustion engines by 2035. EV Island Drivers on PEI are officially eligible for what is being called the […]