Mirror, Mirror: GM patent unveils adaptive rearview mirror technology

Detroit, Michigan –Shape-changing mirrors, a horror movie classic, coming to a car near you! A recent patent by General Motors (GM) describes a mirror that reshapes in accordance with the driver’s behaviour, with the ultimate goal of improving driver awareness. The patent describes a motorized housing around the mirror, turning it from a flat mirror […]

Faster than 88: DeLorean teases Alpha5 EV

Humble, Texas — DeLorean has just unveiled a new addition to its lineup of vehicles: the Alpha5 electric car. Some may recognize its on-screen ancestor from the 80s film, Back to the Future, where the DeLorean was transformed into a time machine. While it shares a similar profile and retains the iconic gull-wing design, the […]

Three Days Grace: B.C. woman discovers nude squatter in trunk

Nanaimo, British Columbia — We find crazy things in customers’ trunks all the time: stray pieces of clothing, lost grocery items that have been left to decay in some deep-down crevice, childrens’ toys that are returned to their owners with a gleeful shriek. Few can say they’ve ever found a person⁠ in a trunk.  Red […]

United We Stand: CAR Coalition launches U.S. Right to Repair campaign

Washington, District of Columbia, United States ⁠— The CAR Coalition, a group of independent automotive parts and repair companies, associations and insurers committed to preserving customer choice has launched a multi-million dollar U.S. campaign in support of the right to repair movement and key legislative measures, including the Save Money on Auto Repair Transporation (SMART) […]

Scrap Stars: YouTube auto ‘picking’ show continues to rack up the views

Rochester, New York – The auto recycling industry is finally getting some of the star power it deserves as YouTube-based “picking” show “Totaled Treasure” released its second episode in late-December. Styled in a similar vein to shows like “Canadian Pickers” and “Storage Wars”, “Totaled Treasure” follows Vince Edivan and Aaron Stone as they travel across […]

Simplicity Car Care expands in Barrie

Simplicity Car Care Barrie has recently joined the Simplicity network.

By CRM Staff   Barrie, Ontario — May 14, 2018 — Simplicity Car Care Barrie has recently joined the Simplicity network. The shop, previously named Signature Repairs, has been open since 1992 and is located at 85 Brock St in Barrie, Ontario.    “I joined Simplicity Car Care because, as an independent, I needed support […]

Simplicity talks leadership and teamwork at the 2018 Performance Conference

From left: Paul Prochilo, Kirk Lin, Nick Polizos, Mario Ramos, Merik Dziurda, Joe Di Paola, Domenic Prochilo, Domenic Ieraci.

By CRM Staff   Toronto, Ontario — April 12, 2018 — Simplicity Car Care recently held a Performance Conference in Mississauga (Toronto), Ontario. The event, which had in attendance franchise owners, two paint distributors and the company’s corporate team, explored how Simplicity and its franchise partners could heighten success and growth through various strategies focusing […]

Simplicity Car Care announces three appointments

Michael Lawther (left) joins Simplicity Car Care as Field Conversion Manager, along with Ed Corbett, Chief Financial Officer.

Toronto, Ontario — March 2, 2018 — Simplicity Car Care recently announced three additions to its quickly growing team. Ed Corbett joins Simplicity Car Care as Chief Financial Officer, and with him brings over 20 years of executive financial and operational experience in high-tech, software and consumer related companies. Prior to his title at Simplicity, […]

Simplicity Car Care expands to Etobicoke

Paul Prochilo, CEO of Simplicity Car Care; Nick Polizos of Simplicity Etobicoke; Domenic Ieraci, President of Simplicity Car CarePaul Prochilo, CEO of Simplicity Car Care; Nick Polizos of Simplicity Etobicoke; Domenic Ieraci, President of Simplicity Car Care.

By CRM Staff Etobicoke, Ontario — February 8, 2018 — A recent announcement from Simplicity Car Care revealed that their network has expanded to a new location in Etobicoke, Ontario. The shop is a family run business, with owner Nick Polizos and his father taking care of things in the shop while Polizos’s wife and sister […]