Rental Rut: Car rental costs spiking across major cities

Toronto, Ontario — Delightfully dubbed the Carpocalypse, many North American cities face skyrocketing rental car prices—a persistent 2021 phenomenon that can be blamed on the supply chain Rental vehicle demand has rebounded. However, many rental operators struggled to reach pre-pandemic fleet levels due to the ongoing supply chain crisis, said Mathan Selven, general manager of […]

Castaways: P.E.I. hit by car rental shortage

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island — As Prince Edward Island loosens COVID-19 restrictions, travellers are struggling to find rental vehicles and some are even cancelling their trip because they can’t get their hands on a car.  B.C. resident LeeAnna Binder wanted to spend two weeks in P.E.I. this summer, but due to the lack of vehicles […]

Feeble Fleets: Car rental shortage looms in Canada

Victoria, British Columbia — With COVID-19 restrictions lifting, and more people wanting to travel, North America is experiencing a car rental shortage of epic proportions.  Craig Hirota, the vice-president of government relations and member services with Associated Canadian Car Rental Operators, says that the pandemic can be to blame for the car rental shortage.  “Most […]