Brent of Cape Breton: Fix Auto welcomes Cape Breton shop into the banner

Halifax, Nova Scotia — Fix Auto is making big moves on the east coast as the banner welcomes Fix Auto Cape Breton into the network. Fix Auto Cape Breton, located in the River Bourgeois area of Cape Breton, has been operating in the community for the past 57 years with second generation manager Brent Sampson […]

Pump the Breaks: CBRM tow truck bylaw on hold over fraud concerns

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia – The insurance industry, tow truck operators and police in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, are blaming each other in a fight surrounding a proposed bylaw–which would enforce regulations in the industry that operators say isn’t fair. This proposed bylaw would include an annual fee, driver accreditation and a flat rate that […]

Towing Turmoil: Cape Breton tow truck operators protest proposed bylaw

Sydney, Nova Scotia — Horns and shouts could be heard in Sydney, Nova Scotia on Tuesday night- but it wasn’t a parade or a celebration, it was over a dozen tow truck operators – and they weren’t picking up cars. Tow truck operators were protesting the proposed by-law they say would make them pay more […]