Straight to the Vault: $8,000 in parts stolen from N.L. auto recycler

Marystown, Newfoundland – A Newfoundland auto recycler is in the hole for $8000 worth of scrap auto parts after thieves cut their way into a metal shipping container to grab the items. Leaving a square hole making that looked as though it were cut by an oversized can-opener, thieves managed to make off with copper […]

Scrap Stars: YouTube auto ‘picking’ show continues to rack up the views

Rochester, New York – The auto recycling industry is finally getting some of the star power it deserves as YouTube-based “picking” show “Totaled Treasure” released its second episode in late-December. Styled in a similar vein to shows like “Canadian Pickers” and “Storage Wars”, “Totaled Treasure” follows Vince Edivan and Aaron Stone as they travel across […]

Paul D’Adamo “The Bounty Hunter” to present at OARA

By CRM staff Toronto, Ontario — March 20, 2019 — Paul D’Adamo from Rebuilders Automotive SupplyCores otherwise known as the “Bounty Hunter” will be presenting at the Ontario Auto Recyclers Association conference and tradeshow in less than two weeks. “Come to Meadowvale 2019, the premiere Canadian Auto Recycling convention and tradeshow to learn about opportunities for […]

The 2019 annual edition of Canadian Auto Recyclers is now available online!

By CRM staff Toronto, Ontario – February 27, 2019 – Media Matters is proud to announce the release of this year’s edition of the Canadian Auto Recyclers Magazine. The 2019 edition takes a look at the auto recycling events that occurred over the course of 2018, as well as ones to attend this year! Not […]

Look out for our 2019 issue of Canadian Auto Recyclers Magazine

By CRM staff Toronto, Ontario — December 18, 2018 — Get ready for our 13th annual issue of the Canadian Auto Recyclers! In the upcoming issue, you’ll find the details from all of the auto recycling associations in Canada, PLUS the biggest recycling events that took place in 2018!  On the cover of our 2019 […]

Rusty repairs

By CRM staff Toronto, Ontario — December 14, 2018 — A recent study conducted by the University of Windsor and Krown Rust Control provided a consumer-oriented metric for measuring vehicle corrosion. The results show repairers and auto recyclers how vital rust prevention on vehicles can be. Rust can appear almost anywhere and cause serious repairs […]

Responsible auto recycling

By Jordan Porter Toronto, Ontario – September 12, 2018 — Auto recyclers have been making a conscious effort in recent years to ensure that decommissioned vehicles are both utilized for their working parts as well as keeping the environment in mind when de-polluting an end-of-life vehicle of all harmful substances. This includes batteries, tires, fluids, […]

A hidden hero in the industry

By Lindsey Cooke Toronto, Ontario — August 23, 2018 — Darrell Pitman, the owner of P&G Parts in North Bay has participated in multiple programs, events and causes for the auto recycling community. He recently attended the Tundra Take-Back this year for the third time. This time he was the only auto-recycler there among the team. Tundra Take-Back […]

Introducing the all-new Canadian Auto Recyclers magazine!

Our very first issue on the right, and the all-new CAR on the left. There is a fresh new look, but the changes are much more than skin deep.

By Mike Davey Hamilton, Ontario — January 17, 2018 — Get ready for the very first issue of the all-new Canadian Auto Recyclers magazine! It’s been more than a decade since the first issue of the magazine was published and a lot has changed since that time. The automotive recycling industry itself had already changed […]