Can you believe this?! Nov 30 2018 – top five stories of the week!

By CRM staff Toronto, Ontario — November 30, 2018 — This Friday Collision Repair has prepared the top five unbelievable stories of the week that we couldn’t wait to share with you! A LEGO built Bugatti, a couple of bear bandits and footage of a slick gadget being used to avoid getting charged on toll roads, […]

Friday Fun: Edmonton’s big chop shop and a car for the very jaded

This 2016 Pagani Huayra could be yours … if you’ve got $3,999,995 burning a hole in your pocket.

By Jeff Sanford   Toronto, Ontario — June 15, 2017 — In this week’s edition of Friday Fun we look at a chop shop uncovered by Edmonton police that was the biggest they had ever seen, a car for the jaded people who have grown weary of Ferraris and Bugattis, why Toyota is still pushing […]