Mitchell provides efficiency tips for various departments

Mitchell logo

By Anna Davey Hamilton, Ontario — December 18, 2015 — A new blog post up at Mitchell.com aims to help collision repair owners run their businesses more efficiently with “Repair Procedures for Everyone.” Offering three tips to increase customer satisfaction and reduce cycle time in different departments, the post explains the need for current repair […]

Collisionology from Chief: Operating a successful facility

Collisionology from Chief: Tips and tricks for technicians

By Richard Perry OEM and Strategic Account Sales Manager for Chief Automotive Technologies In addition to serving as a resource for the latest collision repair products and technologies, Chief’s “Collisionology” blog includes helpful tips for running a successful shop. In three recent posts, we show facility operators how to boost employee morale, retain technicians and […]

Painting, but not as we know it

Andrew Marsh

By Andrew Marsh Engineering Director, Auto Industry Consulting Ltd Once upon a time a highly respected UK shop owner stated that “if one can pass water, one can paint.”   The original phrase is even more offensive, but there are some important themes behind this. From the damage scoping phase through panel repair/prep and via […]

The next generation of collision repair techs

Mike Kennelly

By Mike Kennelly Is it just me or would it seem that good employees are hard to come by? Well, are you looking to fit an immediate need or looking to make a good investment? Is the tech you’re looking for really the best option for the next generation of vehicle repairs?   I want […]

3 Tools to Successfully Navigate the Future

Mike Gilliland

by Mike Gilliland I moved at the beginning of the month. It’s a necessary evil in life but on the up-side, it provides a great opportunity to purge items that you no longer find useful, or that have little relevance to your current life. One such item that falls into the last category is my […]

What Message are You Sending?

Mike Gilliland

by Mike Gilliland Marketing has never been considered a core strength of collision repairers and that might make some sense. Why put money and effort into marketing when insurers send work to your door? Yes, I know that’s not true. But if repairers could elevate their marketing skills, would that give them greater control and […]

Raising the Bar on Standards and Professionalism

Ontario College of Trades

by the Ontario College of Trades There is a renaissance under way in Ontario — a skilled trades renaissance. Not only is the number of people entering apprenticeships increasing, but perceptions of the trades are changing too. Long gone are the days when a skilled trades career was deemed a career of last choice. Today, […]

Welcome to our new blog!

Darryl Simmons

by Darryl Simmons Well, someone had to be first. Blogging, so they say, is supposed to help us better connect with our readers and engage them in interesting topics. You probably don’t want to hear my Super Bowl pics or my view on the last sushi restaurant I visited, so let’s pick a collision repair […]