High Noon: Texas proposes bounty hunting vehicles parked in bike lanes

Austin, Texas — Officials in Texas are proposing a new law turning local cyclists into potential bounty hunters: thankfully, they’re more bicycle-dad than desperado. Dubbed the Bike Blockage Program, cyclists who report vehicles obstructing bike lanes are entitled to a quarter of the revenue collected from vehicles hit with citations. Under current city ordnance, cars […]

For Walkers and Wheelers: Toronto Police Services opens first-ever pedestrian, cyclist collision reporting centre

Toronto, Ontario — Twenty-eight years after opening North America’s first Collision Reporting Centre program, located in Toronto, the Accident Support Services International (ASSI) and the Toronto Police Service (TPS) have extended their partnership to open the first-ever pedestrian and cyclist-only collision reporting centre. On March 14, ASSI and TPS began to pilot the implementation of […]