Swedish Success: ABB announces world’s first art car painted entirely by a robot

Västerås, Sweden – Move over artists, the robots may be coming for your jobs, too. According to ABB Robotics, one of the company’s robots has successfully painted a car with artistic designs in less than 30 minutes. A mechanized arm with an advanced print jet mechanism, ABB’s IRB 5500 industrial robot successfully painted a replica […]

Autorobot launches SmartPuller system

The new Smartpuller from Autorobot is available in Basic (left) and Silver versions.

By Mike Davey Helsinki, Finland — December 21, 2015 — Autorobot has released a new dent pulling system called SmartPuller. According to Autorobot, what makes the system unique is its ability to straighten almost any area of the vehicle’s body, in any needed direction. This includes front and rear, doors, side structures, roof and corners. […]