Pumped Pricing: Higher taxes for used cars this year, British Columbia

Victoria, British Columbia – Budget reforms in British Columbia may impact the used vehicle market sooner than expected, according to a disgruntled official opposition critic. Starting Oct. 1, private vehicle sales will be taxed based on the vehicle’s reported purchase price and the average wholesale value. This tax will apply to the greater of the […]

Rebate Renewal: ICBC issues second COVID-19 rebate

Victoria, British Columbia — ICBC is issuing a second COVID-19 rebate in recognition of lower claims costs due to fewer crashes during the COVID-19 pandemic. ICBC will start distributing rebates averaging $120 per policy in mid-July, returning approximately $350 million in additional rebates to 2.94 million customers. This builds on the first COVID-19 rebate of […]

To be Fair: New ICBC Fairness Officer role approved

Victoria, British Columbia — The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) has created a new position focused on ensuring the corporation makes “fair” and “transparent” decisions related to its newly launched enhanced care plan. With the introduction of ICBC’s new Enhanced Care coverage on May 1, 2021, any British Columbian injured in a crash will […]